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Association Management Services

The Association Specialists is a professional association management company which has been bringing benefits to member-based organisations around Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years. Utilising leading edge data systems, experienced staff and modern practices, we are one of the most experienced and technologically advanced association, society and community management organisations in Australia.

Providing both structured and flexible management solutions we support over 60 organisations including trade associations, government departments, professional societies and not-for-profit agencies.

Outsourcing your secretariat services is a proven and viable solution to help your association reduce costs, improve efficiencies, decrease cycle times and support strategic initiatives. The fact that we have over 30 staff members and manage more than $20 million in client assets means that you will benefit from the infrastructure of a large organisation supporting your association.

We can offer all or a selection of the services from our extensive range opposite, which are available to associations of all sizes and budgets.

Our Services

Tailor your Association Management by choosing all or a selection of the following services:

Secretariat Services & Governance Support

We have dedicated secretariat and governance specialists available for support throughout the week, guaranteeing that your association is expertly managed.

Membership Management

Using state of the art systems we ensure that you have a membership database that is accurate, efficient and accessible to your members.

Meeting Administration & Minutes Management

Our account managers are professionals trained in managing the logistics, agendas and minutes for your meetings.

Event Management

Running over 200 small scale meetings and over 20 major conferences a year, our events division is highly trained and experienced in delivering expert results.

Marketing & Digital Communication

Whether its assistance with website development, content management or social media, TAS can help achieve your strategic communication goals.

Sponsorship Strategy & Sales

Tied strongly to both our association management and events divisions, our sponsorship managers devise and implement effective sponsorship strategies to boast revenue.

Financial Management

Fully accredited CA and CPA team of in-house accountants that specialize in servicing associations and societies.

Executive Officer Services

With hosted or embedded Executive officer Services, we can provide you with an experienced leader without the risk of employing them yourself.

Some of the benefits we bring to our clients include:

Association Management
  • Access to specialised skills – financial, managerial, marketing and sales, customer service, secretarial, IT support and meetings management without the cost of employing your own team
  • Leverage our extensive investments in technology, communication systems, methodologies, people and security
  • Knowledgeable and trained full-time staff providing a complete set of secretariat and management skills available throughout the week
  • Free your executive for the day-to-ay operations to focus on key strategies and projects to advance your community
  • Improve efficiencies through economies of scale
  • Control and reduce your operating costs
  • Reduce your risk of doing business
  • You and your members can enjoy the features of a fully staffed, well managed, technologically modern office for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself
  • Share knowledge and trends developed across similar organisations
  • Access to a network of proven and trusted specialist suppliers, and our great buying power
  • Independent oversight of your key reportable functions by trained specialists
  • Critical staff mass ensuring you are not left unsupported when staff leave or are sick

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