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Association Management

Associations Leading Ladies – Elizabeth Skirving

This year for International Women’s Day we approached some of the amazing female leaders within the association industry to ask for their thoughts on what it means to be a leader and wear the responsibility of managing an association in this day and age. This will be the first article of a continuing series featuring…

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Are you paying a fair fee?

“No matter how you spin it, there’s something seriously smelly about an industry that survives on kickbacks and commissions. Claiming you act for your client but getting paid by people who want you to flog products to that client, is the sort of behavior that is rightly seen as corrupt.” Annette Sampson, Sydney Morning Herald…

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Membership: Back to the Drawing Board

We hear too regularly the difficulties of keeping members happy, engaged and coming back without asking the same question each year: ‘Why should I be a member of your Association?’ Now before we continue, it’s important to note that many associations are thriving off their current membership structures, and if so, don’t think we are…

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Security: How Protected is your Association?

The very public and recent data breach of an event application in the UK has brought the need to plan for potential data breaches. Whilst a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), organisation or company can take all steps possible to minimise security risks, in the current technological environment there is still the growing possibility of breaches…

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An Industry Innovator – Christine Pope

Recently nominated for the Third Sector Board Director of the year award, Christine Pope has defined herself as an innovative strategist and Board Director. Working with the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS), Christine has played a pivotal role in increasing membership engagement and retention, the implementation of a radically successful marketing plan and an extremely successful …

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But You Just Arrived?

Mistakes to Avoid During Membership On-Boarding With the recent hosting of our Strategic Board Series we have noticed the never-ending problems associated with membership. How do we keep people interested? How do we attract new members? We have some handy tips included here to stop your organisation from losing your members as soon as you…

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