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Membership: Back to the Drawing Board

We hear too regularly the difficulties of keeping members happy, engaged and coming back without asking the same question each year: ‘Why should I be a member of your Association?’ Now before we continue, it’s important to note before we get any further that many associations are thriving off their current membership structures, and if…

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Innovation and Engagement – Conferences in 2019 and Beyond

  360 Live Media has released their 2019 report on the existing and upcoming trends in the events industry that we should have on our radar. This article will be based on their informative piece, with input from The Association Specialists!   Experience Engineering It is no surprise that members and delegates want more from…

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An Industry Innovator – Christine Pope

  Recently nominated for the Third Sector Board Director of the year award, Christine Pope has defined herself as an innovative strategist and Board Director. Working with the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS), Christine has played a pivotal role in increasing membership engagement and retention, the implementation of a radically successful marketing plan and an extremely…

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What’s Hot in the Association Conference Sector in 2018?

It’s been a busy 12 months of conferences and the TAS team have enjoyed a diverse array of events this year. From colleges honouring ancient traditions to emergency medics taking over a big top, 2017 has been all about engagement and, as these top trends for 2018 show, it’s a theme that is set to…

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Can we talk about millennials?

Can we talk about millennials? I know, I know, everyone keeps talking about millennials but if you have 2 minutes to spare I have a slightly different take on the whole ‘we must engage millennials’ pandemic sweeping the association and NFP sector. We should stop trying. Well sort of. In essence, the question being asked…

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What You Need to Know about Webinars, Webcasts and How / Why they Work

It’s easier than ever to engage members face to face regardless of geographic challenges and Associations are taking note.   At TAS we now provide Association Management Services to more than 50 associations. Of course, no single association is the same but many of the challenges they face are. Common concerns include attracting millennials, providing…

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