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Governance and Regulations

How NFP Governance is changing in Australia

Mills Oakley hosted a recent seminar on How NFP Governance is changing in Australia. We have included a recording of the seminar, however have also listed some key take aways below; Key Changes in Governance The growing importance of organizational culture; The shift to customer -centricity The need to consider other stakeholders’interests Increasing risks to…

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Minute Taking – Best Practice

Minute taking and its significance in corporate and non-for-profit entities has been highlighted through the recent Hayne Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. As a basic yet crucial aspect of administration for businesses of all kinds, there has typically been a lack of attention paid to how it should…

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Company Limited by Shares or Guarantee – What’s the Difference?

Legal Vision has recently posted this important information on the differences between a Company Limited by Shares (Public or Proprietary) and a Company Limited by Guarantee. We feel it is important to understand each structure as it has a drastic effect to the functioning of your company. From Legal Vision: Company Limited by Shares A company limited by…

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Director Penalty Regime Extended to GST

A recent article from by Craig Whatman from Pitcher shed light on proposed penalties to be applied to directors when announcing bankruptcy as a means of holding directors accountable for engaging in phoenix activity. We felt it important to share their article to keep you aware of the changes and how they may affect you.…

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Are you affected by the EU General Data Protection Regulation?

Board members are often involved in both their association and full time work, and it can often be difficult to keep up to date with pertinent information on what is happening in the sector and what new policies might affect your organisation. Therefore, we have written this guide to help summarise the new EU General…

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Conference Convenor – Duty of Care

Whilst we acknowledge that conference committees are generally made up of volunteers motivated to provide benefits to members and third parties, the committee members need to be aware that they have an underlying duty of care to the organisation and members they are representing. Failure to meet the necessary duty of care could in extreme…

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