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Membership: Back to the Drawing Board

We hear too regularly the difficulties of keeping members happy, engaged and coming back without asking the same question each year: ‘Why should I be a member of your Association?’ Now before we continue, it’s important to note before we get any further that many associations are thriving off their current membership structures, and if…

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Is Anyone Opening This?

We have some quick and easy time-tested ways to increase your email open rates! Open rate for emails is still an incredibly useful statistic to gather engagement and influence on your membership base. Some tech names like Whatagraph and Mailchimp have put time into compiling statistics meaning we don’t have to! So here are some…

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Connect: Social Media

Feeling lost on Social Media?   We’re here to tell you it’s not THAT bad (or hard!).   As noted by Pam Neely from Whatagraph, “Not all social media followers are created equally”. But what did she mean by that? Is it a reference to George Orwell and some brash socialist discourse? Probably not. What…

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But You Just Arrived?

Mistakes to Avoid During Membership On-Boarding   With the recent hosting of our Strategic Board Series we have noticed the never-ending problems associated with membership. How do we keep people interested? How do we attract new members? We have some handy tips included here to stop your organisation from losing your members as soon as…

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What You Need to Know about Webinars, Webcasts and How / Why they Work

It’s easier than ever to engage members face to face regardless of geographic challenges and Associations are taking note.   At TAS we now provide Association Management Services to more than 50 associations. Of course, no single association is the same but many of the challenges they face are. Common concerns include attracting millennials, providing…

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