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Conference Management

Are you protecting the integrity of your event?

By Admin | February 19, 2019

We recently discussed the Royal Commission and a recent example of an Events company benefiting from undisclosed commissions, rebates and mark-ups. In case you missed it, you can read it here. This article will highlight a few points to consider when assessing the fees charged by potential event managers and protect yourself as a consumer…

Are you paying a fair fee?

By Admin | February 18, 2019

“No matter how you spin it, there’s something seriously smelly about an industry that survives on kickbacks and commissions. Claiming you act for your client but getting paid by people who want you to flog products to that client, is the sort of behavior that is rightly seen as corrupt.” – Annette Sampson, Sydney Morning Herald, April…

Innovation and Engagement – Conferences in 2019 and Beyond

By Admin | December 11, 2018

360 Live Media has released their 2019 report on the existing and upcoming trends in the events industry that we should have on our radar. This article will be based on their informative piece, with input from The Association Specialists! Experience Engineering It is no surprise that members and delegates want more from events. “Experience…

Why events are a powerful marketing and business development tool for sponsors

By Admin | July 31, 2018

By Richard Woodward Events are a powerful marketing and business development tool for engaging audiences, building brand awareness, communicating brand messages, engaging employees, building relationships, differentiating from your competition and driving sales. However you must ensure that your prospect fully understands the power of events as a medium —compared to other opportunities such as television,…

The price is right! Why finding the sweet spot with regos is a key component of a successful conference

By Admin | September 13, 2017

It may sound like an obvious thing to say but registration fees can be the making or breaking of a conference. Whilst event budgets take every incoming and outgoing dollar into account (pardon the pun), ticket price is undeniably one of the most important and sensitive line items. Not only do you need the revenue…

We all know content is king – but how do you keep the crown jewel of your conference shiny and new each year?

By Admin | September 13, 2017

The most common reason for dwindling conference success is a lack of high quality content and innovative delivery.  People attend conferences for two main reasons – to learn and to network. When we meet prospective clients, talk to current clients and peers, read articles it is apparent that if anything can generate increasing attendance it…

Give Your Sponsorship Strategy An Unfair Advantage

By Admin | February 12, 2015

By Abby Clemence, Infinity Sponsorship Abby Clemence, Managing Director of Infinity Sponsorship (a national sponsorship consultancy) discusses eight tips to cover when planning your sponsorship approach in 2015, based on her most current research and work matching non-profits and sponsors together over the last five years. Is your non-profit ready to engage corporate sponsors? ‘Every…

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