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Connect: Social Media

Feeling lost on Social Media?

We’re here to tell you it’s not THAT bad (or hard!).

As noted by Pam Neely from Whatagraph, “Not all social media followers are created equally”. But what did she mean by that? Is it a reference to George Orwell and some brash socialist discourse? Probably not.

What she meant was that you will have a range of followers. The “ghoster”, the true friend that always supports you, and even some really great contacts that you can create genuine connections with.

But how do you get there? And which followers are best for your association?

We have listed a few simple tricks below that will help you to build a network of reciprocated care and interest.

1. Say “Thank you”

Probably the easiest task on this list – Just say thanks. But what am I thanking them for? If someone does something nice for your company or association, by say sharing or reposting your content (to everyone they are connected to), dropping a lovely comment or just ‘liking’ your post, you can always say thanks. Everyone loves to be thanked for something, and we believe being polite and genuine can never do your business harm.

It’s quick and easy. If each thank you takes 30 seconds, in 30 minutes you could be thanking 60 people!

2. Engage with your top engagers

Asking a vague question to all your followers may seem engaging, but why not actually tag some people in the post? Ask a direct question and get some direct answers from your community, your clients and your friends.

Sometimes being on social media can get a little lonely, and to be asked by an Association or organisation a direct question and being given a platform means a lot to followers. It may even lead to some conversation!

3. Give them what they like!

This may seem silly but it’s that simple. Why not give your audience what they like? A great example comes from Paula Parker, a recent panelist from our Strategic Board Series (SBS). Over at the Australian Veterinary Association they have a flourishing Instagram page that involves members, and what they are passionate about – caring for animals. Members can submit their own photos, where they are, what they’re doing and even just of their furry friends.

(Picture from AVA Instagram)

4. Don’t be afraid to try something new

If your social media isn’t, or hasn’t been working, try something new. You can change your tone or voice, the style of your photos or introduce products and community members.

That’s all these is for starters- give these simple tricks a go to start with, see what gets you the most response, and build from there!


Being successful on social media requires more than just piling information on your followers, it requires you to be genuinely social, interactive and even adaptive.
Get to know your audience and start connecting!

Don’t be afraid, dive on in!

Jack Slater – Business Development Manager