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Cyberattacks on the rise

As we become totally operational in the digital sphere, cyber security and cyber risk mitigation has never been more prevalent as it is today. In 2018, the direct cost associated with cybersecurity for Australian business was $29billion per annum.

Associations and small businesses can sometimes lack the resources required to implement a dedicated IT department to assist with cyber attacks and security.

There is a myriad of cyberattacks utilized both active and passive. An active attack attempts to alter system resources or impact their operation. A passive attack attempts to learn of make use of information from the system.

The most common threats are;

Phishing – these are generally sent via email and can come from reputable organisations and can appear to be a trusted source. They will generally ask you to click on a link and enter personal information i.e to verify a password. These can be sometimes be easy to spot by looking at the domain name.

Malware – This is a term used for a variety of viruses and ransomware. The code will corrupt or steal something on your system. These are usually introduced by an attachment or a download link. These attachments and links can come from trusted and reliable websites/sources.

Ransomware – As it sounds, this is software that will hold your data in exchange for a financial ransom. Data is encrypted and inaccessible without a decryption key. Ransoms are typically small and payable amounts.

We have collated some websites, resources and blogs to help you understand cyber security and why it is so important.

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