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Diversity On Boards – Client Conversations with ASEG

ASEG have been clients with TAS since 2014. In those 7 years, ASEG has gone from strength to strengthKate Robertson shares some insights into her time with ASEG and advice on encouraging other societies and for purpose organisations to diversify their boards.

Volunteering for the ASEG has been an incredibly rewarding experience. There are so many benefits, but I’ll name a few. Meeting lovely people, the sense of community and belonging within a society that you really connect with is a wonderful feeling- I encourage everyone to find a society that can fulfill them. Volunteering also provides great networking
opportunities that can help your career as well as the skills that you learn from how to host a committee meeting, or an event to introducing a speaker, and running online meetings and webinars. Through my current
role as President and as a director I have already gained a lot of leadership experience and I am very grateful to have this opportunity. And volunteering gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

I started my role as a senior geophysicist at the Geological Survey of South Australia (Department for Energy and
Mining) four years ago, shortly after finishing my PhD at the University of Adelaide. I became involved with the Australian
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) during my honours year, where I quickly became a regular at the monthly
technical talks (It’s not hard to get a student to an event with free food and drink, and possibly the chance to score a
job!). The ASEG is based in Australia, but has members from around 40 countries, and seven branches representing
each state and territory operating within the ASEG. A few years after joining the SA/NT branch committee, I became
Branch President for two years. In my second year I received an invitation to join the Federal Executive as the Chair of
the Communications Committee. This was a fantastic opportunity and I enjoyed managing the social media, initiating a
monthly newsletter and working on the general promotion of the society for two years. I then received a very unexpected
phone call from then President David Annetts who invited me to serve as President-elect for a year, and on to President
the next (this year). I have loved every minute of it