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Get Local – Three Take Aways for Conference Organisers to Consider

Over 700 event industry professionals reunited and reengaged at the Get Local Expo, that was held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. After being postponed several times, the much anticipated program included several keynotes and education sessions. 

As an appointed ambassador of the Event, TAS’ Managing Director, Nell Harrison, identified the below three take aways for Conference organisers to consider:

1. Air quality and ventilation – To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 during your conference or event, air quality and ventilation is fundamental.  Conference and event organisers need to work with venues to ensure that spaces being utilised are well ventilated to minimise the build up and stagnation of infectious aerosols indoors (including those containing the COVID-19 virus)
2. The importance of risk management and communication strategies –  As face to face events are heading back to business, it is vital to have a detailed risk management plan in place, along with a well developed communication strategy to build and maintain confidence for attendees.
3. Rethinking your social program strategy – For your first face to face conference or event, it is crucial to rethink your social program to enable and facilitate ample reconnection opportunities for attendees. Don’t spend big bucks on entertainment!

TAS will be publishing a paper based on their education session Risky business… 2022 Event Landscape and beyond… Deliberation, Diversify & due diligence. Look out for this in the coming weeks in your inbox.