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Get Your Instagram On The Map!

It might seem like a daunting task – starting and maintaining an Instagram account for your organisation.

And why even bother?

Instagram is more than just a pretty way to add photos and see others eating acai every morning. It is a powerful tool capable of driving leads and traffic, raising brand awareness and membership engagement (to name a few).

With over a billion users, in-built messaging, hashtags and specific search drives, Instagram is a hot social media platform with so much potential for your organisation… So let’s get it right.

We have a few simple tricks that you may have missed, you never know, they might just help.

1. Writing an engaging bio

This is your one space where people are always brought to when viewing your account, so make it count! It is your first impression, your book cover to be judged as well as your potential audiences’ action directory. From here they choose to follow, scroll or jump over to your website.

Your bio is the only place you can place a shareable link so make sure it’s there!

Here is an example from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). It’s simple, concise and points us straight towards their web page – we’re big fans!

2. Be selective about your profile picture

This little icon will be popping up by all your posts and comments, and larger again on your bio page. Make sure the chosen image scales well in all these situations!

Spotlight of the week is on AVA and how they are doing it right. See how their profile picture fits well on their regular posts!

3. Set some goals

What do you want out of Instagram? By knowing the purpose of the fantastic social media tool for your organisation, you can tailor your content to suit your set goals. You could set out to increase exposure or brand awareness, increase clink ins to your website, or to try and foster a strong sense of community and more meaningful engagement!

But how do we achieve those?

You could try things like showcasing your products, engaging with the community, uploading content that showcases your companies core values and culture, or why not share some information or updates in your field? All of these are possible with Instagram, sometimes it just takes a creative approach.

Here is a recent post from the Dieticians Association Australia. Food is their game and they are playing it right. It’s clean, crisp and engaging. Look at their community feedback too!

4. Keep it consistent

We aren’t saying you have to do it the same all the time. Sometimes radical change is good, but this is more about the small things. Things like your organisation’s tone of voice, how it interacts with its audience, colours and fonts.

You don’t want to be changing brand logos every fortnight and using multiple fonts each post. Keep the simple things simple and focus on your content.

5. Engage with your audiences

Often, people don’t want to simply like a photo and move on. Lots of people want to comment, tag and interact with posts… it’s normal! So why not engage with your community further than simply broadcasting out to them.

Over at the Australian Ceramics Association they showcase photos of their members and have a healthy, engaged dialogue with their members!

Reply to a comment, ask for opinions and fill your content with call to actions!

The TAS Team