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Give Your Sponsorship Strategy An Unfair Advantage

By Abby Clemence, Infinity Sponsorship

Abby Clemence, Managing Director of Infinity Sponsorship (a national sponsorship consultancy) discusses eight tips to cover when planning your sponsorship approach in 2015, based on her most current research and work matching non-profits and sponsors together over the last five years.

Is your non-profit ready to engage corporate sponsors?

‘Every non-profit organisation, charity and event we speak with are understandably keen to secure diverse sources of income which will allow them to grow and become more sustainable.’ Abby says. ‘Time and again though, too many jump head-long into sending out generic sponsorship letters and proposals to companies and brands without knowing, or being fully prepared for what sponsors are looking for in a sponsorship deal.

Sponsorship comes out of a company’s marketing budget. This is a vital element to be aware of when you want to create a successful sponsorship strategy. That means a sponsor’s investment (just like every other marketing spend on advertising and promotion of their brand) will need to be given the chance to recoup some return on investment by presenting opportunities to sell more products and services as a result of their alignment with you.

8 key tips to think about (that many other non-profits are not focused on in their approach to sponsors) are:

  1. Know who your non-profit organisation, charity or event represents
  2. Have a database of the people that you can communicate and interact with
  3. Know what percentage of your community/profession that you communicate with
  4. Communicate through a wide variety of ways and channels with your supporters
  5. Know how often you communicate with your community of followers
  6. Know who else is in your ‘space’. (Make sure you know your competitive environment, as they will surely be approaching the same sponsors as you are!)
  7. Be able to answer the question ‘What does your organisation or event do, that no-one else does?’
  8. Have a Sponsorship Policy in place


Abby is one of Australia’s foremost strategic sponsorship advisors to the Not-For-Profit Sector with more than 25 years experience in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate and cause-related sponsorship. As Managing Director of Infinity Sponsorship, Abby’s proven pathways to infinite sponsorship success support not-for-profit associations, charities and events to understand their value to corporate partners and make a compelling approach that allows them to diversify their income streams and continue their vital work in the community.

Abby can be contacted at or via 1800 735 738 mapthai