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Government Recognition – What you need to know

Why do Governments provide recognition to professions?

Generally, Governments will only provide formal recognition to professions or industries where
there is a public interest need. Typically, this may result in legislation and the oversight of a
regulatory body, such as the Australian Not-for-Profits and Charities Commission (ACNC) or the
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA). Governments will also recognise
professions where there is a level of self-regulation that is recognised by the Government as being
in the public interest. These professions are deemed necessary to have recognised standards but
are “trusted” to be able to manage these standards internally. Typical professions where this
occurs include:

Accountancy, Architecture, Chiropractic, Computing, Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, Teaching,
Veterinary, Medicine

In addition, the governments will recognise trades through educational qualifications and where
deemed in the public interest will ensure the maintenance of standards through such measures as
licencing and certification. This would include industries like hospitality, building, plumbing, real
estate etc.

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