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Have you considered the advantages of an outsourced Association Management Model?

Outsourcing some or all of the work associated with your member association can be seen as a potential loss of control to many.  However, when you consider the potential advantages provided by the outsourced model, many of these concerns fade away.  Control can be maintained with the right contracts, agreed deliverables and constant and clear communication.  Once these are in place then the benefits from the advantages listed below begin to flow:

  1. Focus “on the business” not “in the business” – your Board operates strategically not operationally without unnecessary distractions
  2. Improved risk management – you have the flexibility to scale services, resources and cost up or down to meet demand in a relatively short time
  3. Cost savings – you can benefit from the combination of structural efficiencies and buyer capacities to drive down your costs
  4. Access to trained specialists staff on demand – you are not just restricted to the skills your team may but can also access a broader set of skills to help your organisation and strategy
  5. Best-practice systems and infrastructure – enjoy the benefits of scale and experience as your association management team invest in and adopt the systems to support you and your members best
  6. By setting agreed expectations and outcomes, benefit from the efficiency this creates
  7. Ensures your members are supported five days a week (or more) and that they are responded to swiftly and professionally by trained staff
  8. Supplier networks – gain cost and service improvements by working with tried and tested suppliers incentivised to succeed by scale
  9. Shared knowledge – enjoy the opportunities from knowledge shared across multiple organisations and staff experiences, ensuring you minimise risks
  10. Targeted investment in specialist services as and when needed, including financial management, marketing, sponsorship, event management, governance and technology
  11. Governance comfort – enjoy the comfort of knowing your governance needs are being met promptly and authoritatively
  12. Continuity of service – as your Board changes and evolves, benefit from the comfort of knowing there is a place where your history, knowledge and members are being looked after on an ongoing basis
  13. Quality control –  ensuring your members and stakeholders are being treated the same way every time at a level you can be proud of

If you would like to discuss any of these benefits further or receive a tailored quote for outsourced services, please contact Lynne Greenaway at –