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Helping your Board operate more effectively

The Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector is large and diverse and operates within a complex legal and regulatory
framework. The duties of officers, directors and boards of NFP organisations are many and varied. The Association
Specialists (TAS) are proud to partner with Governance Institute of Australia to offer our clients access and
discounted rates for leading governance training, to help Boards understand their duties and obligations.

Governance Institute has developed a special express 2 hour version of their course Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board which is tailored for association Board members. You’ll gain sound knowledge of officers’ and directors’ duties and develop key learnings for working on boards or management committees. Tailored in-house training session for associations Hosted at a venue of your choice, led by Governance Institute professionals and tailored for your association, the aim of this course is to discuss the role and responsibilities of NFP boards or management committees and to examine the common law, equity and statutory duties of officers and directors of NFP organisations. Delivered in 2 hours for up to 12 people, this course is great way to start your Board meeting or strategy day.