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How NFP Governance is changing in Australia

Mills Oakley hosted a recent seminar on How NFP Governance is changing in Australia. We have included a recording of the seminar, however have also listed some key take aways below;

Key Changes in Governance

  • The growing importance of organizational culture;
  • The shift to customer -centricity
  • The need to consider other stakeholders’interests
  • Increasing risks to organisations’ cybersecurity (see TAS early article on Cyber Security)
  • The need for organisations to adapt to climate change.
  • Strategy should play a central role in adapting to these key changes in NFP governance.
  • Board’s role in strategizing will not only be expected, but is moving towards becoming a quasi legal duty of directors.
  • The scope of governance is steadily increasing and changes are happening in every aspect of governance.
  • Effective, holistic governances starts with ensuring that there are strategies for strengthening the organization at its core – the board
  • Any strategy that the board implements should consider its consequential effects on the other aspects of governance

Watch the full Seminar here