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Membership Renewal – Strategy and Planning

As we approach the end of the financial year 2022/2023, many associations are preparing to launch their annual membership renewal campaign.

Our advice for these membership renewals and those for the rest of the year (including anniversary memberships) is to focus on three key things. We must remember that most of all, this is not about the organisation, it is about the member.

Strategy and Planning – staying true to the purpose of the organisation

Messaging- How do you sell the benefits and the value proposition?

The Process – Who to, how and when?

As a general rule, members want to stay part of their association and have strong loyalty, so it is important to maintain trust, deliver value and most importantly, make it easy for the member to say “Yes”

Francis Child, Executive Chair

Our full paper expands on these three areas in detail. To view our full paper, please click on the button below.