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GUEST POST: Phil Preston discusses internal versus external facilitation

By Admin | April 6, 2016

Phil Preston is CEO, the Collaborative Advantage, and a professional facilitator. It’s likely that you run sessions where a facilitator is required, such as strategy off-sites, forums at events or difficult meetings with stakeholders. What factors should you consider when weighing up an internal versus external facilitator? The primary reason for appointing a facilitator is…

Guest Post: The Future of associations – by Omer Soker

By Admin | March 24, 2016

OMER SOKER, COMMERCIAL TURNAROUND EXECUTIVE AND EXPERIENCED ASSOCIATION PROFESSIONAL LOOKS INTO THE FUTURE TO SEE WHAT IT HOLDS FOR ASSOCIATIONS This article was originally published on Commerce is a force to create prosperity. The best corporate sector companies excel at this with efficient governance and operational systems supporting assertive commercial strategies to deliver growth,…

What are the challenges of sports club management compared with an association?

By Admin | March 24, 2016

Spotlight on: Lane Cove Football Club Certain words dominate the client names of TAS’ clients: Society, Institute, Council, Association and so on. But there is another form of organisation that isn’t quite as common – but is just as valid: the Club. More specifically, the Lane Cove Football Club (LCFC). By definition, an association is…

Guest Post: What Business are you really in? A Lime Paper by 360 Live Media’s Don Neal

By Admin | January 27, 2016

WHAT BUSINESS ARE YOU REALLY IN? A LIME PAPER™ BY DON NEAL, FOUNDER & CEO OF 360 LIVE MEDIA This article was originally published on To sustain success in business and in life, you must constantly consider new perspectives. If you look at your association’s business model through a new lens, you may discover…

TAS in the news: Associations Forum, November 2015

By Admin | December 10, 2015

  For a text version of this article please click the following link:   An embedded CEO at work, Associations Forum, November 2015

TAS Duty of Care: Issues for consideration for conference convenors

By Admin | November 30, 2015

TAS Managing Director, Francis Child, presents the key considerations for conference convenors Introduction: As a volunteer on a conference organizing committee, you will be faced with a wide range of choices to make and issues to deal with.  This document aims to highlight some of the areas for your consideration and on which you may then…

Guest Post: The Art of Mentoring’s Melissa Richardson discusses the benefits of Association Mentoring Programs

By Admin | November 4, 2015

The Benefits of Association Mentoring Programs Most organisations innately understand that a structured mentoring program is a good idea. But some find it difficult to turn that intuition into an economically convincing business case. This article puts a finger on exactly why a structured mentoring program makes real business sense for associations. But first, what…

Guest Post: Aon’s Chris Ristevski highlights the top 5 considerations for Associations when thinking about insurance and risk management

By Admin | October 8, 2015

Working for an industry Association can be a minefield of balancing what is in the best interests of the membership versus being confronted with limited resources. One of the resulting casualties can often be not having enough time or resources to focus on risk management or mitigation. Based on our 25+ years working in this…

Ben Williams examines the role of the Company Secretary and how TAS can add value

By Admin | August 5, 2015

The Role of Company Secretary The Corporations Act requires every public company, whether listed or unlisted, to have an appointed Company Secretary. The directors appoint the company secretary, who must be at least 18 years old and if a company has only 1 company secretary, they must ordinarily reside in Australia. The company secretary is…

Give Your Sponsorship Strategy An Unfair Advantage

By Admin | February 12, 2015

By Abby Clemence, Infinity Sponsorship Abby Clemence, Managing Director of Infinity Sponsorship (a national sponsorship consultancy) discusses eight tips to cover when planning your sponsorship approach in 2015, based on her most current research and work matching non-profits and sponsors together over the last five years. Is your non-profit ready to engage corporate sponsors? ‘Every…