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Strategic Board Series

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"Good venue, good presenters and excellent facilitation."

"Although I attend many meetings related to the diaspora of association governance and value deliverance, the number of innovative, contemporary insights and examples presented made attendance most worthwhile"

"Real highlight of the event was meeting lots of different people from other or similar fields interested in the same concepts and learning.

"Topics and panel were good and therefore time went too quickly. Good to have networking at the end to chat further." 

"Nice group of people in a comfortable setting. TAS staff were very welcoming and engaging"

"The event was very enlightening, giving me some tips to support my organisation and the members."

"Have attended 3/3 now and I enjoy it every time. Always lots of notes to be taken!"

"The TAS SBS is well run with insight and value provided by the panel members and a good networking opportunity. If you are a Board or Committee member of an Association I would recommend that you attend."

"The panel discussions were skillfully moderated to tease out positive, timely pearls of wisdom from the experienced panel members, both young and old."

The Strategic Board Series is an invaluable information sharing and collaboration event held by The Association Specialists. It is comprised of a panel of thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds in professional associations. 

This complimentary event is organised by the TAS team with the goal of increasing awareness and providing a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among peers.


Benefits for Attendees:

  • Strategic information and insights on topics vital to board members direct from sector leaders
  • The chance to participate in the discussion with interactive sessions where attendees are encouraged to ask questions
  • Enjoy complimentary drinks and canapes while experiencing unparalleled networking opportunities to connect with other association board members and keep the conversation going beyond the forum

Upcoming Events

PERTH: The Hyatt Regency, 24 March, 2020 | 5 - 8PM

PANEL ONE: Effective Governance: The importance of board structure and good management

Not-for-profit organisations serve different community needs. Management boards and type of responsibilities tackled can vary enormously, however there are basic undertakings that most successful boards and management adhere to.

Panellists will discuss:

  • Effective governance and fulfilling your obligations as a board director
  • Board structure, conduct and performance evaluation
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in boardroom structure
  • Governance for good and best practice in the boardroom
  • The importance of good management

PANEL TWO: Driving revenue streams for your Association

Most associations rely entirely on their member fees to fund themselves. Others generate additional revenue through events, training and sponsorship etc. How can we maximise the effectiveness of these channels? What are the additional revenue streams that your organisation could be utilising?

Panellists will discuss:

  • Creating compelling must attend conferences and events to maximise registrations and sponsorship
  • Identifying and implementing additional revenue streams eg. advertising, white papers, training, renting office space
  • Involving members in the process


Facilitated by Francis Child, Managing Director of The Association Specialists, this complimentary event offers the chance to hear from a panel of industry experts, whilst enjoying drinks and canapes as you network with peers from a broad range of associations.

This is an event not to be missed and places are limited - so register now to secure your spot

Past TAS Strategic Board Series

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