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Strategic Board Series 2019 – That’s a Wrap

Over 2019 the Strategic Board Series has grown to include events in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane with over 200 people from various associations in attendance.  

SBS started with the goal of increasing awareness and providing a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among peers – the series has since become a must-attend event for those looking to gain strategic information and insights on topics vital to board members directly from industry leaders.

Over 2019, expert panelists covered a diverse range of topics, including:  

– Key financial and governance updates and trends

– Conferencing, digital engagement & networking opportunities

– Professionalising your association in the 21st century

– Credentialing members through accreditation and certification

– Key governance considerations for NFP boards

– Building a winning member engagement strategy

– Culture in the boardroom

– Professional associations – setting the future

In case you missed it, we’ve compiled a list of the key takeaways and hot tips from our 2019 attendees to help us wrap up another amazing year.

Hot Tips


View your association in context of legislation, other industry players and membership needs as well as “standing” or image and refresh those relationships often.

Annual reviews of Board performance can be done differently every year.

Understand the importance of getting meeting minutes done early and correctly.

Utilise your Committee to fill skills gaps.

Ensure you have a good Chair!

Shoulder-tap to obtain the best people / diversity.

Strategic planning, with a focus on the management team needs to manage the business.

Gain agreement on the word ‘strategic’ and work through improbable scenarios.

Importance of the management of Gen X/Millennials and thinking 20 years ahead.

Be decisive in dealing with management issues.

Don’t be afraid to ask the “tough questions”!

Innovations needs a disruptor and an enabler.

It’s not too late – the future has yet to arrive.

Susanna Truasheim – Marketing Manager