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What Happens Next

What happens next

You will by now have an understanding of who we are, what we do and the value that we can bring to your organisation.  We hope that you feel confident in our ability to provide the services you require and to form a strong and successful relationship with you.

So, what happens next?

  • Call or email us to open the discussion about your requirements
    • +61 2 9431 8600
  • We will prepare a Proposal which addresses your brief, including a quote for our services
  • You review the Proposal and we make any necessary amendments to ensure the scope of services meets your needs
  • Once the Proposal is confirmed and you agree to appoint us to work with you, we present you with a draft Contract for review
  • When terms are agreed, the Contract is signed by both parties
  • We appoint a Client Services Manager (CSM) or Event Manager (EM) to work with you and provide a day-to-day contact point for you, your Board and your members
  • The Business Development team will brief the CSM/EM and their Manager on the details of the Proposal and Contract and will arrange a meeting with you to formally introduce you to your new TAS team
  • Your CSM/EM and their Manager will go through our Client Transition Plan with you to ensure that all information and documentation is covered in the transition process
  • Throughout the contract period, the Business Development team will keep in touch with you and the Team Manager will make regular contact with you to ensure all your requirements are being met
  • Towards the end of the contract period, we will be in touch with you to re-assess your needs, prepare a further Proposal (if required)  and Contract to ensure ongoing, seamless support

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